2023 Officer Installation

“We are in the mountains where there are no strangers – only good friends that we haven’t met yet!”

Central Lodge #6, the Central City Masonic Lodge, held its annual installation of officers on December 14 at the Lodge.  The Central #6 Lodge room is the oldest continuously operating  Lodge room and Masonic Temple in the State of Colorado.  The Lodge has been meeting in the same room since 1865.  The Lodge room is unique in all of Masonry and is famous throughout the world for its beauty.

After a wonderful dinner of outstanding barbecue prepared by Joe & Kara at JKQ at Crooks Palace, the Brothers of the Lodge, their ladies and guests went up the hill to the Lodge for the open (not just restricted to Masonic Brothers) installation.  The Installing Worshipful Master was Most Worshipful Past Grand Master of Masons in Colorado, Mike Moore.  Brother Mike is an avid history buff, particularly of the mountain man era.  He wore the buckskins that he had sewn by hand.  The newly installed Worshipful Master of Central #6, Brother Tim Lambert is a cavalry re-enactor and he wore his 1870’s era US Army Cavalry uniform.  The installing Marshall, Brother Pete Czarnowski wore his 1870’s era Dragoon officer’s uniform.  Installing Chaplain Brother Greg Moore wore the uniform of a cavalry horseman.  Brother Jim Thomas wore his buckskins also.  The dress code was obviously “Mountain Casual”.

The Masons are not a “secret society”.  We do have secrets, but we are proud to be part of our local communities and to practice the tenets of Freemasonry – faith, hope and charity.  Many of our Founding Fathers were Masons, as were the pioneers that created the Territory of Colorado and later the State of Colorado.  We share a wonderful history with Gilpin County and Central City and is is an honor to be able to share our history and heritage with our many friends in the area.  Thank you!
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