Central Lodge #6

From the beginnings of Masonry in Colorado, existing records are incomplete and somewhat meager; however, enough remains to stir the thought and imagination. The following quotation from an early letter of Brother Slaughter gives a delightful picture of the building of the first Masonic Temple in Colorado.

“About the first day of June 1859, there had assembled in and around Gregory Gulch, where Central City and Black Hawk now stand, fully 20,000 men, and it was decided that there ought to be a rallying place for Masons, hundreds of whom were to be found in this vast crowd. A consultation was held, and it was resolved to build a Lodge room. The word was passed about among all those claiming to be Masons, and about the 15th of June, a site was selected for the Lodge room, which was on the south side of Gregory Gulch. Work was begun immediately and the ground leveled for the building, and from 50 to 100 men with horses and ox-teams were cutting and dragging logs for the new Temple.

“Within 2 to 3 days the walls were up and chinked and plastered with mud inside and out. A pole roof covered with pine boughs and covered with several inches of earth completed Lodge room building. The three stations were made of pine logs, sawed the proper height, hewed and sunk in the ground with a shorter block of the same material planted by it for seat. I do not remember the exact date of the first meeting in the new Lodge room, but I think it was about the 20th of June, 1859. I shall never forget that first meeting on the mountain side.”

Thus began the glorious story of Central Lodge # 6 in Central City, Colorado.

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